Annual Report





The following core functions of public health and ten essential services provide the framework for all activities of the department:


Core Function 1 - Assessment

Assessment, monitoring, and surveillance of local health problems and needs, and of resources for dealing with them.

  • Essential Service #1 - Monitor health status and understand health issues facing the community
  • Essential Service #2 - Protect people from health problems and health hazards

Core Function 2 - Policy Development

Policy development and leadership that fosters local involvement and a sense of ownership that emphasizes local needs and that advocates equitable distribution of public resources and complementary private activities commensurate with community needs.

  • Essential Service #3 - Give people the information they need to make healthy choices
  • Essential Service #4 - Engage the community to identify and solve health problems
  • Essential Service #5 - Develop public health policies and plans

Core Function 3 - Assurance

Assurance that high-quality services, including personal  health services, needed for protection of public health in the community are available and accessible to all persons; that the community receives proper consideration in the allocation of federal, state and local resources for public health; and that the community is informed about how to obtain public health, including personal health services, or how to comply with public health requirements.

  • Essential Service #6 - Enforce public  health law and regulations
  • Essential Service #7 - Help people receive health services
  • Essential Service #8 - Maintain a competent public health workforce
  • Essential Service #9 - Evaluate and improve programs

Core Function 4 - System Management

  • Essential Service #10 - Contribute to and apply the evidence base of public health